Why Choose Us

Making The Right Choice

Why choose us when there are so many choices out there. Perhaps is our 4 strong pillars that made the difference . . .


We have a dedicated team of experienced beauticians who are not only qualified professionally but well trained in Seduisant concept. Their credentials encompasses Menard, Cosmetique Demark, Eudermic, Aikser, MLVK, City & Guilds, Cidesco and more. Know that you are put under safe hands.


This include products and machinery. We have our own range of Seduisant products, giving us the consistent quality and effectiveness. Seduisant is also the top dealer of Eudermic products from Paris. We incorporate OSMOSE facial and slimming products with the highest level of efficacy and safety.

Our high-tech machinery include Microdermabrasion equipment, a non surgical facial spray procedure. Another important device is E-light combining three advanced technologies or Bipolar Radio Frequency + IPL + Skin Contact Cooling that is especially useful for hair removal, skin rejuvenation & tightening, freckle, pigment, spot & acne removal, visine removal and skin whitening. We use oxygen capture instruments, multi-functional laser tattoo remove machines, Jade Thermal & PDT skin rejuventation equipment.

One key device is Genesys R. F. Monopolar, one system that does it all from fat burning, cellulite removal to toxin elimination and collagen enhancement. We also invested on Cellutron-Multi, an innovative RF Diathermy equipment for body, face and scalp, creating a radio frequency of 300Hz or 500Hz that penetrates deep into the skin.

In the slimming category, we have Cavitation & Multiploar RF slimming machine, various Desktop Ultrasonic Liposuction Equipment, LPG  vacuum & cavitation cellulite slimming machine, and more.


We believe in personalized treatment, exploring the various options to suit the individual for everyone is unique. Client data is recorded to monitor progress while exploring better solutions in unleashing the best in our customers.


Seduisant offers a friendly, comfortable and relaxing environment, making every moment truly conducive - stunning interiors, captivating facades, giving one a luxurious treat each time.

Together, these pillars made us the best choice, on top of the value-for-money philosophy we adhere to. We believe good and quality treatment need not be so expensive. We want everybody to look good, feel good and express the best image, expressing ultimate Self-Confidence.