About Seduisant

"Welcome to Seduisant, a place where possessing a perfect body and skin is made possible . . ."

It's all about that heightening sense of Self-Esteem. With that motto in mind, Seduisant was established back in 2002, and now it's one of the leading pioneers in the realm of skin & beauty. From one humble outlet, Seduisant has more than 12 centres spreading across Malaysia and Singapore today with more than 120 dedicated beautician skilled in a wide spectrum face and body treatments.

At Seduisant, safe and effective treatment is emphasized. Employing the finest state-of-the-art machinery to provide breakthrough solutions to skin and body problems. Our 100,000 happy customers is a testimony to the fact that Seduisant works. We also have endorsement from several celebrities who are ambassadors for Seduisant.

It is not just the treatment but a conducive environment that made each visit an unforgettable experience. Pamper yourself at our spa, specially designed for the modern lady, a perfect environment for you to relax and unwind, well after treatment or after a hard day's work. Besides offering skin and weight loss solutions to women, Seduisant expanded into the territory of men, understanding the fact that beautiful skin and body will undoubtedly boost ones confidence. Seduisant Menplus offers the same high-tech solutions to men at a reasonable rate as well.