LPG Body Firming Treatment

Duration 1 Hour 20 minutes
(More than 30% - 50% effective) Usual Price RM 355


The quantity of treatments depends on each individual, however,

We recommend that you have a minimum of 10 sessions in order to benefit fully.

Its use can be accompanied by some weight loss. It is also an excellent compliment to liposuction.

  • Reduces fatty deposits
  • Stimulates lymphatic circulation
  • Drains away waste material
  • Muscle and tissue firming
  • Physical Therapy Effect
  • Improves body shape
  • Analgesic effect


采用深层负压吸力配合机动滚轴技术 -- 刺激皮肤深层组织, 加快血液循环及活化皮下脂肪, 改善淋巴循环.

  • 局部纤体
  • 紧实
  • 橘皮组织
  • 抽脂术后修复
  • 促进血液循环
  • 促进淋巴排毒